<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-21.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards for a holiday table with food on the left side and "Happy Thanksgiving!" white text on the right side center”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-26.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards with a person working on a touch screen computer and "Minuteman Press Aldine" green color text in center”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-17.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards with Hawaii beach picture with mountain, beach and blue water ocean and "Adventure is here" white text in top”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-18.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards for an eyewear store with an image of a lady with sunglasses”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-19.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards for an apparel store with brown color background and an image of clothing on the left corner”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-20.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards for a school store with "GET A 25% OFF DISCOUNT!" white text on the left side”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-22.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards for a realty company with a city image in the background and "WE HELP YOU FIND A HOME" white text in top left side”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-23.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards with books on the background and "SAVE THE DATE" black text in top center”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-24.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards with a mountain covered with clouds in the background and "Your ADVENTURE awaits" text in center”>
<img src=”custom-4x6-standard-postcards-25.jpg” alt=”Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards for a real estate company with homes in the background and "JUST SOLD" text in the left corner”>


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Custom 4x6 Standard Postcards

From promotions to parties, postcard printing is versatile and functional for personal and professional needs alike. Street marketing handouts, wedding invitations or holiday greeting cards, postcard designs can be easily customized for business and special occasions.

Postcard marketing is affordable, even for the smallest of businesses. Postcards can not only be used for generating leads and sales from new prospect lists, but can also be a great marketing tool for reinstating canceled customers, up-selling existing customers to additional products and services, and following up on prior leads that have yet to turn into customers.

Postcards are tangible. Even with the internet, people still appreciate receiving and holding tangible objects. More importantly, postcards get read. Customers can immediately see your message the moment they they take the postcards from the mailbox. And unlike other marketing materials that arrive in envelopes, postcards make it easy for your customers to see what you're offering. It's already "open" and ready for your customers to read.

Postcards specifications:

  • Full color
  • Thick 16pt cardstock
  • Double sided
  • Gloss or Matte Finish


  • Gloss both sides super glossy coating which enhances color
  • Gloss front only allows you to write on the back
  • Matt coating-dull non-glossy finish

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