<img src="3-inch-square-custom-labels-07.jpg" alt="3 Inch Square Custom Label blue with white text">
<img src="3-inch-square-custom-labels-08.jpg" alt="3 Inch Square Custom Label white with red tomatoes in center">
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-17.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with USA flag in the background and Let Freedom Ring blue text in center”>
<img src="3-inch-square-custom-labels-11.jpg" alt="3 Inch Square Custom Label blue-white background with white and black text">
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-14.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with pink background and a computer image in center”>
<img src="3-inch-square-custom-labels-09.jpg" alt="3 Inch Square Custom Label with white background and black text">
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-12.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with light blue background and an eye image in center”>
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-13.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with black background and a cup of hot coffee in center”>
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-15.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with green background and a pink butterfly image in center”>
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-16.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with pink color background and a blue color butterfly image in center”>
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-18.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with pink background and SLEEP ALL DAY orange color text in center”>
<img src=”3-inch-square-custom-labels-19.jpg” alt=”3 Inch Square Custom Label with blue background with red color passport picture in center”>


  • $230.49
    Unit price per 

3 Inch Square Custom Labels Printing Services in Houston, Texas

First impressions are good. Lasting impressions are better.

Looking for an easy way to get remembered long after your next trade show, event or customer interaction? Hand out custom stickers that show off your name and business logo. Each of our kiss-cut stickers comes individually cut, and an oversized, die-cut backing makes it easy to peel off the sticker and put it to work. Minuteman Press offers custom stickers for every budget and need.

Custom Label Specifications:

  • Full color and bleed
  • Premium durable stock
  • Custom sizes available
  • Ready 3-5 business days

Full Color Square Custom Labels from $230.49

Printed in full color on premium-quality materials, our stickers are sure to leave a lasting impression. These are full bleed and come with either a glossy or matte finish. These are our best value stickers and use only the highest quality printing process to assure you will be happy with these stickers.

Houston Trusted Printer of Choice | Quality Guaranteed!

We are a local Houston TX printing company. We  provide printing services to Houston business owners since 1980. We offer superior quality printing and great customer service. Houston businesses, graphic designers and everyday consumers trust us with their printing. We're experts in the printing business. We seek to develop, create and print the best quality products. All of our printed products are all backed by our 100% Quality Guarantee!

Houston Printing Services | Minuteman Press

We are a local Houston printing company offering services of products such as Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Plastic Cards, Banners, Stickers, Silk Business Cards, T-Shirts, Posters, Flyers, Yard Signs, Carbonless Paper Forms, Pocket Folders, Notepads. We have been helping Houston businesses save money on their printing without compromising the quality of the printed products.

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